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AXIALYS is a new company, but one which draws on a wealth of experience and expertise in nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals for its success.

Created in 2006 with the backing of internationally-renowned anti-oxidant specialist, the company blends the innovation of a start-up with the long-standing business experience of a key industry player.

Innovation is at the core of AXIALYS’ mission, and is why the company is managed by Engineers and Scientists above pure businessmen – a real differentiating factor against its competitors.

AXIALYS’ dual R&D approach is based on both in-house activity and outsourcing - leveraging the skills of an impressive network of industry experts and academic institutions. As a result, our R&D operations offer an unmatched level of flexibility in meeting their goals.

The ability to use delivery systems across industries also creates a wide strategic horizon and a source of multiple growth opportunities.

Begun in France but globally minded, AXIALYS operates comfortably in both multi-cultural and multi-industry environments, focusing on key Asian markets to enable strong growth and to fuel self-financed development.

The company is privately held, and headquartered in Annecy, France.

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