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Whitening Treatment
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
StabiliSun™ is an innovative nano-sized carrier of organic sun filters (size <100nm) that increases filter efficiency and time stability, dramatically improves consumer safety while being extremely easy to use.

The StabiliSun™ vesicles consist of a core of organic sunscreens complexed to a layer of chemically modified phospholipids. The hydrophobic tail of the phospholipids has been enzymatically modified to allow their binding to the sunscreens by Van der Waals bonds. In the same time, the hydrophilic head of the phospholipids has been chemically bound to a layer of polyglycols that constitutes the outer coating of the vesicle.

The complexation of the sunscreens by the phospholipids avoids direct contact between the sunscreens and the skin and improves formulation skin feel
Highly hydrophilic, the outer layer of polyglycols has good affinity with the skin surface, allowing the fixation of the vesicle
The polyglycols have very poor affinity for the cell membranes, therefore forbidding the penetration of StabiliSun™ into the epidermis

Consumer safe: remains on the skin surface
Dramatically increased filter time efficiency
Improved skin coverage
Broad spectrum: perfect UVA/UVB ratio
Improves formulation skin feel
Water soluble

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