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Whitening Treatment
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

The main function of the skin is to protect the human body from external aggression: it is our first barrier against the penetration of harmful toxins and pathogenic microorganism.

To be effective, a cosmetic product must paradoxically go against the skin barrier function and transport the active ingredients to the targeted area. 

While the active ingredient is the star of any cosmetic treatment, it has to be present in the right place within the skin to function optimally.

Biological benefits
Active delivery, which implies moving molecules across the skin to the place where they will deliver their positive benefits, is the key to efficacy.

The efficacy of a galenic formulation will in fact be less determined by the combination of the active ingredients used but more importantly by its capacity to deliver the actives where they are needed.

The aim of delivery systems is to protect and carry the active ingredients inside the epidermis, up to their target site where they are delivered in their chemically active form. Molecules encapsulated by AXIALYS technologies such as LipoLink™ and CycloXome™ are able to produce spectacular results compared to their free form, due to improved penetration in the skin.

Formulation benefits
Moreover, delivery systems can dramatically improve the sensorial appeal of a formulation:
Improvement of stabilization against external aggression (pH, oxidation)
Reduction of volatility: sensitive actives
Skin feel improvement
Smell reduction
Innovative formulation: by rendering ingredients in water soluble and transparent form, AXIALYS delivery systems opens the possibility of water soluble system or sprayable formulations, impossible to achieve using classical active ingredients

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