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Functional foods and drinks are among the most successful and fastest growing segments in nutrition. Today’s consumer are not only supplementing their diet with pills or capsules but are expecting food and beverage with improved nutritional value.

AXIALYS uses its delivery systems for a 2 pronged approach:
Improving the water solubility and bioavailability of existing compounds
Many of the most popular health ingredients are insoluble in water: their use is limited to a number of foods and dietary supplements. Examples for those ingredients are the fat soluble vitamins, (CoQ10, vitamin A…) or insoluble flavonoids (Isoflavone, Hesperidin…) etc… By using nano-based delivery systems NanoXome™, water insoluble actives become truly water soluble and bio-available without any chemical modification. Not only fat soluble ingredients can be added to beverages, the beverages even stay crystal clear, which allows to develop totally new product concepts.
Creation of new highly effective compound powered by AXIALYS delivery systems
Their efficacy and safety are thoroughly tested with extensive clinique trials demonstrating unique performance.

The targeted industries include:
Beverage: soft and functional drinks represent one of the largest segments. Axialys products are used to improve the nutritional value while preserving the product sensorial benefits.
Food: dairy manufacturers, cereals manufacturer, food processors
Dietary supplements

Our Nutrition delivery systems and are designed for oral consumption in both fine powder and liquid forms.
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